Create a second record on the same day for a patient




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    Siva Prakash Reddy

    Could you please share some practical scenarios where two records are required for the same MRN, Account#, with same DoS (even different DoS) for the same case?

    In the current prod system, when C-Section created from OB Case, two records (OB, C-Section) have the same MRN, Account#, DoS. some of the customers would like to them together in a single record. I believe this could be a rare scenario to have two records of same Account# for the same case.




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    Nikki Wiley

    Scenario 1

    The Pre Op Document does not allow the user to Create a New Document for an Inpatient that returns to the OR for a second procedure during the same stay.

    Scenario 2

    We had an add-on case come in on 2/1, and later that same day the same patient had another surgery under the same account. When our anesthesiologist selected a new patient, and typed the MRN, it opened the same case that had been charted on previously.

    So, now this one record has two surgeries. The times are a little messed up, and the second surgery is missing things like ASA. I have two questions.

    1. What is the proper workflow for creating a second case when the same account number will be used?

    2. What is the best way to address this scenario?


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